We Emphasis On Quality

When you order milk from us, you are rest assured about getting very high quality milk. We deliver it fresh from the farm. We deliver within 2 hours after milking.

100% Organic

Purity guaranteed. It 100% natural and organic. Absolutely fresh from the farm.

Safe For All

Everyone in your family can drink this wholesome nutritious milk. It is 100% safe for babies.

No Drug, No Adulteration

Most of the independent farms use drug before milking. We do not support these practices. These drugs can be very hamrful for health. We care about our customers.

We Serve Products

Buffalo Milk

RS- 65/Lt.

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Cow Milk

RS- 50/Lt.

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Paneer (Full Cream)

RS- 300/Kg.

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Ghee (Buffalo & Cow Milk)

RS- 100/Kg.

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